Join the food revolution and kick those diet rules to the curb! It's time to stop "should-ing" all over yourself. (Who put those thoughts there, anyway? And what do "they" know about what's right for YOU?)

By shifting your food relationship you can nourish without guilt or deprivation... Yes, really! Feel good about what you're eating and enjoy your cupcakes guilt-free. It's time to understand your cravings (finally!), learn how to indulge them while still feeling fabulous, and enjoy your life!

Diana D.
Working with Christa has helped me better understand my eating patterns, thoughts and feelings. I feel empowered to make food and eating choices that make me happier and healthier. Now I can feel fabulous whether I’m eating a deluxe burger or a superfood kale salad, because I am more in touch with my body, my cravings and my hunger cues!
— Diana D.