Myth #4: Nutrition = Calories In/Calories Out

We've bought into the myth that nutrition and weight management is all about keeping a neutral balance of calories in & calories out, or that calories out should exceed calories in.

The Facts:
This is a very simplistic view of the complex and beautifully calibrated machine that is the human body. Nutrition is a young science and this information was our best interpretation of weight management at the time. Since then, we continue to learn more and more about how the body functions. It's important to remember that food consists of calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and so much more! Calories are simply a measure of the energy density of the food. That's it. What matters is what's in the food you eat and how your body uses it. 

The purpose of food is to supply you with the raw materials for health, energy, and vitality so that you can life a live of purpose. It's soooooo much more than calories (just as you are soooo much more than that number on the scale)! Measuring the calories is often a way finding a sense of control.

What is happening in your life that creates this need for you to grasp so tightly to control? What are you afraid will happen if you loosen the reigns on counting calories? This, my love, is the place that is begging for your attention. How might you offer up acknowledgment to the part of you that is scared, feeling unworthy, or just wants to be loved?

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant woman who realized her fear of letting go (of the scale, of the tracking) was of letting herself go, altogether. In reality, her lifelong habits and her personal preferences would never allow for this. Her body would prompt her to eat vegetables, take a walk, and care for herself, even without the rigid tracking in place. But she had to learn to trust this. And when she did, she triumphantly exclaimed to me, "The system works!" Indeed, dear ones, the system works when we allow ourselves to quiet the mind and listen to the body. It will tell us what it needs.