Chakra Shakedown

Hello Goddess! Christa and Shasha back for another installment of Food, Fun, and Spirituality! We both work with the energy centres of the body known as Chakras. When we first discussed creating a retreat for women incorporating both our areas of practice, the chakras were one of our early meeting points. They literally cover everything, which we’ll explore further in today’s post.

Christa: Shasha, would you explain what chakras are and how they serve as our foundational structure for retreat?

Shasha: Chakras are key points or energy hubs on the intersection of the three main energy channels of the body known as nadis. These were first written about in the East, and Western science has since shown us that these points correlate to bundles of nerves in the body as well as important glands. Each chakra relates to different bodily functions as well as emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Every chakra is also associated with a particular element, and in turn, the goddess energies reflect the elements. It’s both fun and powerful to work with them, especially giving them a good shake-up with my trusty Hopi rattle!

How you incorporate chakras into your work with food relationship?

Christa: I love working with chakras for so many reasons! Because they’re so comprehensive, they provide a helpful framework for understanding what’s going on with a person at every level. As a holistic practitioner - treating the whole person, with a view that everything we do and everything we are is connected - this is important. When looking at the patterns in a food relationship, the chakras can help us understand the deeper meaning. For instance, many of the women I support have been using calorie counting and weight tracking as a way of gaining a sense of control. Wanting or needing to have a sense of control is often a symptom of an imbalanced second chakra - often not about the food at all. So, we look to the second chakra themes of emotions and creativity to understand what is not being expressed or acknowledged (at work, in personal relationships, etc). In this way we get to the root cause of the symptom (calorie counting, strict food rules, etc.) so that the pattern can resolve itself.

And how do you find yourself working with chakras both in your yoga and spiritual work?

Shasha: Yoga is a spiritual practice that has incorporated the science of the Chakras since time immemorial! Different yoga poses stimulate or balance different chakras. Through poses, breathwork and meditation I have experienced profound effects on my overall energy. When I feel something physical release during practice, I may have no idea what the ‘issue’ relates to. However, when I understand which area of the body is governed by which chakra I can start to unravel patterns that are presenting. It’s very powerful and exciting. That is not to say that I am not gentle with the work, either in my own practice or that of guiding others. I’ve learned that less is more!

Creating space for that awareness to unfold has been essential in my own practice, both on a daily basis and on retreat for longer periods. I’m seriously excited about sharing the power of that with the beautiful women on our own retreat!

We have so loved sharing these conversations with you. Thank you from our hearts for coming along for the ride. The hope is that each of you has found some point of connection that you can take away with you on your journey.

P.S. Stay tuned for detailed information about our upcoming retreat and click here if you want to be the first to know when Early Bird registration begins (it’s soon!).

About our guest, Shasha Crow

About our guest, Shasha Crow