The Yoga of Food #6: Compassion is Key

If you practice yoga regularly, there's a good chance you'll fall on your face (hello, crow!) along the way. Or maybe you'll play hot-potato with your toe, trying to hold half-moon pose. Or, if you're like me, you'll manage to fall right out of any ol' pose, even with both feet on the ground! (Seriously... this really happened!) Compassion for where you are in the journey, today, in this moment, makes it easier to laugh at yourself and allow for the lesson. 

Compassion is noticing what's going on without judging. Compassion is allowing for generosity about the situation. Compassion is reminding yourself that you're doing the best you can. Compassion is one of the major components of expressing love (for yourself and for others). And we could all use a little love, right? 

Your food relationship is similar to yoga; it's easy to lose your balance. The experience of being human necessarily calls for us to be less than perfect. It's where the learning occurs. Having compassion for yourself on the journey starts with releasing the ideal of perfection and finding acceptance for what is. So, today you couldn't be bothered to cook, and dinner consisted of popcorn and chicken nuggets. Luckily, with food, we get several chances a day to aim for balance. Chances are, with compassion and mindfulness, you'll find that balance at least once! And if not, tomorrow is a new day!