Have Courage and Be Kind

It's been a helluva ride and emotions are running high! I'm not here to make a political statement (there's plenty of that everywhere else). Today I'm called to serve my community by reminding you of your inherent worth and inviting you to be kind to yourself and others. When emotions are intense, many of us allow self-care to slip by the wayside in the smallest and most subtle of ways.

For many, intense emotions may trigger binge eating or not eating at all. You may reach for comfort foods, as a balm to soothe the raw edges of your soul. You may reach for anything in sight, just to numb and distract. 

Whatever your tendency is, I invite you to have courage and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you're feeling. Make space to acknowledge your emotions. Pull out your journal, phone a friend, scream into a pillow, or dance it out. But darling, please, do not allow this energy to remain inside of you. Sometimes chocolate is a delightful companion for this process, and perhaps you may allow this to be ok.

During this time, I implore you to be kind to yourself by being mindful of what you consume. Yes, food is part of that, but I'm talking about the consumption of all the fear and anger that's rampant on the internet right now. Is it truly serving you? What are you "feeding" by devouring every last article and every last post? Yes, it's important to be aware, to find your tribe, to find your sense of empowerment. AND, it's important to listen when your body says, "enough is enough".

Be kind to yourself by honoring all parts of you, by listening to your body, by nourishing your soul. Have courage to stand outside of fear,  to be present with your emotions, and to listen to those who have differing opinions from you. 

We start by listening in, honoring and non-judging. We find our center, and then we can extend the same courage and kindness to others. Only by tuning out the chatter, can we tune in to receive the truth. 

May you find ease and grace during this time of uncertainty.