Myth #1: Health = Deprivation

We've bought into the myth that healthy food is not yummy, that finding health is a long road of suffering and deprivation, and that the symbol of health is a body deprived of all its fat stores.

The Facts: Fat (both the kind you eat and the kind your body stores) is essential for nutrients and energy. Without it, your brain can't properly function (i.e. mood, memory). Eating fat is a sensory experience that tells your body you're getting nourishment. It breaks down slowly, so you feel full faster and stay satisfied longer! Ready for the irony?

Deprivation communicates to your body that it's not safe to shed (pounds, toxins, or fat stores) because it literally thinks it's in starvation mode! Guess what else?!? Your brain and gut are so closely connected that if you're not enjoying the food, it alters your biochemistry (read, healthy food is not properly absorbed or utilized of you're glaring at your plate)! The moral of the story: eat food (all kinds), eat fat (in moderation), and for goodness' sake enjoy it!