Food & Feminism

I've always considered myself a feminist. No, I don't mean the bra-burning, man-hating feminist you may be picturing. I mean the true definition of feminist, which is to consider how a culture defines gender norms, and the impact it has on the people (of all genders) who live within that culture.

Specifically, I've spent a lot of time contemplating how those gender norms contribute to the challenges that face the women I work with. Suffice it to say, the gender norms we've come up with do not tend to create strong, healthy, confident women. In light of recent political events (I'll save you my rant - there's plenty of that elsewhere) I've become even stronger in my belief that my work is not about the food itself. It's strongly rooted in what we belief about the food and what we believe about our bodies - most of which has been shaped by cultural norms that are so deeply ingrained we cannot see their roots until we start digging.

This is what I do - I help women to dig deep to the root of the issue. I help her to examine what she finds there, to determine whether it is serving her. I support her process of discernment - to let go of that which is no longer serving her and to plant seeds that nourish her as she moves forward in her journey. And I am passionate about serving in this way. Why?

Because we've been taught not to listen to ourselves and certainly not to trust ourselves. Current health guidelines would have you believe that your overeating/indulging in those "evil" carbs is proof that you're not trustworthy. That you have no willpower. That you're weak. I disagree. I argue that it's a symptom of not knowing how to listen. Because what might happen if you were to listen within, to trust yourself, to gain confidence and health and energy and vitality? Literally anything could happen. The possibilities are endless when a women is able to reclaim her energy and direct it toward her purpose for being here. And for many, that's a scary idea. For me, it's exciting! 

I'm committed to creating a world where every woman feels beautiful in her skin, healthy in her body, confident in her intuition, and free to live a nourished life. I am a stand for women reclaiming their bodies and their intuitive power so that we may teach our daughters to do the same. 

Here's the thing, these cultural beliefs are handed down across generations, whether directly or indirectly. We always, in some way, absorb the predominant belief of the culture. So, the way to change the culture is to change our beliefs, one woman at a time, until the new beliefs become predominant. This is why I view this work as a revolution. Imagine the ripple effect across generations when we reclaim the skills of listening and honoring, which our ancestors knew so well. 

And so, I've cooked up a series of articles designed to shine light on the cultural myths we've bought into and how it's impacting the health and vitality of women. Food and feminism - who knew they were so intertwined?! 

I hope you'll join me for the journey, and feel free to liberate the girls, if you're so inclined along the way (*wink*)!