Myth #2: Self-care = Luxury

We've bought into the myth that self-care is a luxury (insert images of fancy spa days and ladies who lunch). Furthermore, we've decided that putting others first (always) and caring for ourselves (never or only once in a while) is somehow a sustainable recipe for sucess. We've got it in our heads that prioritizing self-care somehow depletes our resources for tending to others. And then we wonder why we're tired and sick!

The Facts:
You can't pour from an empty vessel (you're the vessel, my dear). At some point you have to replenish the stores. Ideally, in small ways every day. This way, you always get to pour from an overflowing cup (and it takes considerably less effort than waiting until you're burned out) and everyone is happy! I tell people that my weekly yoga practice is for the benefit of everyone around me, which is met with knowing nods, laughter, and lots of encouragement!

Need some ideas for getting started? How about 5 minutes of solitude, 4 deep breaths, 3 affirmations, 2 seated twists, or 1 cup of tea... (and a partridge in a pear tree? jk!). My point is, it can be teeny, tiny and doesn't have to take a lot of time. In fact, sometimes less is more!