It's not about the food

It's not about the food

I love mountains. Seeing their magical splendor is grounding for a busybody like me. Hiking within them evokes my sense curiosity and connection. And climbing them? Well, let's just say I feel nothing short of Wonder Woman when I do!

But, I haven't summited a mountain in years (*sad face*). The story goes something like this...

"I can climb any mountain, but getting down is an issue. My knee simply collapses, after a few short strides of a steep downhill climb. And then my other knee overcompensates and collapses as well. I have literally been carried off of a mountain, more than once (thank goodness for strong - and impossibly handsome *wink* - hiking partners)!"

Recently I was visiting my chiropractor, reciting the story above, when she said to me, "Often times, when we can't get down the mountain it's actually because of the ankle." What???

Of course it is, because it's all connected. If the foundational piece (feet/ankles) are not aligned, the body compensates for it downstream (er, upstream? Anyway, you know - knee, hips, etc). And the same is true when it comes to emotions and food.

For example, I had a client who came to me saying, "I tend to overeat. I take second and third helpings when I know I've had enough." (Let's call this the symptom - the equivalent to me blaming my knee for my inability to get down the mountain.)

When we explored this theme a bit further, she came to realize how stressed out she was about her job and that she felt a significant lack of joy in her life. (Let's call this the root cause - cue the sneaky ankle letting the knee take all the blame.)

As she worked toward integrating tools for stress resilience and consciously cultivating joy in her life, she found that she was less inclined to overeat. *ta-dah!* Now, she eats when she's hungry, stops when she's full, and doesn't feel guilty for indulging in chocolate, cheese, and locally-brewed beer. She's confident around food because she knows she has addressed the (sneaky) underlying cause. Ultimately, she knows deep down, it's not about the food.

I've seen it happen again and again, so I know it's possible for you, too!

Calling all Wonder Women!

Calling all Wonder Women!