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Hello lovely! It’s Shasha and Christa, back to share more about Food, Fun, and Spirituality! Today we want to start by giving a “shout out” to our dear friend and business mentor, Rebecca Tracey! Without being on her retreat in Belize last year, we would never have met each other!

In this blog we talk about why we decided to go on that retreat and how this has affected our renegade work in the realms of food and spirit.

Christa: Shasha, I think our work overlaps, in that we both support women who are overwhelmed, depleted of energy, and are seeking ease and clarity in this journey of life. From my perspective, an underlying need here is learning, as women, how to prioritize taking care of and making space for oneself.  A retreat is a great way to do that. The irony is that booking a retreat seems almost impossible and difficult to justify for most of the women I know. And yet, doing so is exactly the magic that is needed to get energy flowing again.

Shasha: Yes! That is exactly why I took the leap to book onto the Belize retreat. I had got to the point in my life and work where I really needed replenishment and some support from others. Of course I get this from my close ones. However, taking the steps I needed to, in order to get there, was a statement to myself that I was committed to nourishing my own development in a way that would also benefit everyone who works with me.

Christa: So powerful! And for me, I tend to try doing ALL of the things. So it was helpful to literally retreat and focus on this one thing at a time, in a group of women who were also working on a similar topic. It was inspiring to hear their ideas and experiences, and to have them reflect back my own process to me. Much more powerful than me sitting at home on my computer doing the exercises alone! In addition, being in a relaxing environment, with meals taken care of, and not worrying about day-to-day allowed me to access deeper levels of intuition and transformation than I do in my normal life.

A big part of your work is helping people learn to use various tools for accessing intuition. For us, in Belize, it was easy to tune into the energy of the elements, being so close to nature. And the two of us connected strongly with goddess energy too! During your Spirit Rebel Journey I had a chance to bring those tools into my everyday practice.

Shasha: We have shared many times this past year, Christa about the goddesses that have inspired and comforted us on our journeys. One you introduced me to is Goddess Yemaya who is one of the goddesses of the sea. The water element is one I have a strong affinity with and I know you do too! Very often I will start the day with an invocation to the main Mum (Gaia) and then ask Yemaya to give flow to my day. Gaia is a grounding goddess (Earth element) so she holds space for me as I teach yoga classes. Divine Feminine is strong with me!

How do goddesses and elements arise in your practice Christa?

Christa: Oh, Yemaya! I believe she is a lifelong energy for me because she teaches us about surrender and going with the flow, which is an important learning for a recovering perfectionist like me! This is powerful energy for many of the women I support, who are holding tightly to what it means to be healthy, labeling foods as “good” or “bad”, and beating themselves up when they succumb to that hot fudge brownie sundae that was calling their name! Working with the elements comes naturally, too, when we talk about food. For instance, root vegetables are very grounding (they grow deep in the earth) and are used for building nutrition and energy, whereas fruits have a water element and are cooling. Understanding the elemental energy of food can be helpful for creating balance on your plate and in your body!

Shasha, for those who would like to learn more about goddesses, what do you recommend?

Shasha: One simple way of starting to learn about different goddesses is to work with a goddess-oriented oracle deck. Alternatively there is so much out there on the internet just waiting for you to find it! Have a google, and see what resonates, perhaps using an element in the search if you are interested, for example,  a water related goddess. On the elemental side, Mother Nature is our best teacher.

We both agree that being surrounded by Mother Nature’s glories is the easiest and best start towards working with the Divine power in the form of Goddesses and elements. This is why we want to hold space for women we work with in a place where that beauty is pure and abundant. The energy centres of the body (stay tuned for chakras an upcoming blog!) can be safely opened under these conditions. We have an inherent need to retreat to nature regularly, whether it be to the back garden or an exotic location - the power is there amongst the elements.

Are you getting excited? We are! Comment below and let us know your favorite goddess and/or element. New to this? Not to worry - let us know what questions you have!

P.S. If going on a retreat to nourish and restore, through connection with goddess and elemental energies, click here to stay in the loop!

About our guest, Shasha Crow

About our guest, Shasha Crow