Calling all Wonder Women!

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman (no spoilers, I promise)...

This movie is getting all kinds of attention right now, and rightly so! The portrayal of this superhero awakens the deepest yearnings of all women. It’s a bit of a nudge that inspires and thrills. She’s kind, brave, strong, and fierce. She trusts her gut and doesn’t let anyone stop her. She is you and she is me. Except…

She also happened to grow up surrounded by strong, powerful women. She trained hard to hone her skills. She grew up in a culture that celebrated those traits. And even though she was the bravest, the strongest, the quickest, her fellow women supported her. No catty, judge-y jealousy happening (that I saw) amongst that tribe!

She wasn’t taught to play small, to be modest, to talk down to herself, to be ashamed of her body or overly modest about it. She wasn’t taught to hide her power, or that she was inferior, etc.  

Yes, she worked hard. She fell a lot before she flew. She got knocked down. AND SHE GOT BACK UP. And while she may have momentarily been distracted by the urge to be everything to everyone, she ultimately followed her gut, channeled her energy, and went right to the source. Even Wonder Woman has limitations, but that didn’t stop her. She fought one battle at a time. She remained clear on her purpose. She was creative and persistent in accomplishing it. And she allowed herself to be supported (sure, she did most of the heavy lifting, but it was definitely a team effort). 

This is where things get juicy. When we talk about tapping into goddess energy, the basic idea is that we look to these archetypal examples of female strength. We examine what makes them successful, and what we can learn from them. Then we look at the areas of our life calling for our attention, to close the gap.

So, when I look at this strong archetype of Wonder Woman, what comes up for me is that we’ve been going about this superhero thing the wrong way. We’ve taken on her good qualities without acknowledging her limitations, or the ways in which she allows herself to be supported. We’ve forgotten about the behind-the-scenes work that sets her up to be able to accomplish great things.

To continue in this way leads to burnout (perhaps you're already there?) - it impacts our relationships, our professional lives, and our health. It looks like that workout routine you've been meaning to start, frozen pizzas for dinner, your friends thinking you've been abducted by aliens, your partner reminiscing about when you "used to be fun", and hiding under the covers when the alarm goes off. That's no way for Wonder Woman to live!

It’s time to get real, as women. We can do it all, but not all at once, and not without proper support systems in place. We are more powerful when we focus our energy in one direction at a time, and when we have a method for charging it back up.

If you've been trying to be Wonder Woman, and find yourself approaching burnout instead, Shasha Crow and I hope you'll join us for Nourish & Restore: Elemental Goddess Retreat. You see, we want to create a tribe of women like you, who will support one another in reclaiming their energy and confidence by learning to trust themselves. To do so requires trusting the women with whom you surround yourself. 

P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar that will help the modern-day Wonder Woman focus her energy in order to access her full potential!