The Soul of Hunger

October 10 - December 12, 2018 

Eight weeks to food freedom, body confidence, and soul nourishment!

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Why can't I figure this out??

You're doing all the things and being everything to everyone, leaving you exhausted, burned out, and frustrated. You're tired of obsessing about what to eat, what not to eat, and how it will impact your waistline or your health. This battle with food, your body, and your inner critic is draining your energy. You know there has to be another way...

Is this you?

  • You know what you “should” be doing but when a big project or deadline comes up, the kids are going in all directions, or your partner didn’t do the dishes (again) you say *eff-it* to healthy food, exercise, or self-care.

  • Your expectations of yourself, in all areas of life, are higher than Mt. Everest, so no matter what, you can’t seem to meet them.

  • You beat yourself up for getting cozy with your good friends, Ben & Jerry, binge-watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix, or eating popcorn for dinner.

  • You find yourself saying, "I deserve this because I work so hard" but when you step on the scale or see the credit card bill you deflate faster than a carnival balloon.

  • You just want everything to stop. The pressure of doing this, being that, and never getting anywhere has you pulling your hair out. Please, would somebody stop this ride? Where's the exit?

The bottom line...

You just can't go on like this. Sorting through conflicting nutrition advice, doing all the things, and still feeling unhappy in your body. Whether it's your shape or size, your energy, or a specific health condition - you know food can be medicine but it just doesn't seem to be working for you. You're ready to go beyond the food and address the *real* challenges that are holding you back.

Meet Christa Bitner, The Food Therapist

I help busy women like you reclaim their energy and confidence so they have time for the things that matter most in their personal and professional lives. Through evidence based-nutrition, intuitive eating, mindfulness, and body-based inquiry we create a customized approach to nourish your whole being!

I deeply understand the pattern of striving for perfection - followed by self-sabotage, leading to burnout. I have actively worked to regain my own energy and confidence through food, lifestyle, and spiritual practice.

I'm on a mission to empower other women in doing the same. You can expect to be held in a kind, loving space infused with wisdom, laughter, and heartfelt connection. (Bring it on, gremlins!)


  • Feeling calm, confident, and (dare I say) beautiful in your skin

  • Having time and energy for what’s important in your life - romance, adventure, writing that novel, or watching your kid's soccer games

  • Possessing a deep sense of trust and connection with yourself so you can navigate life’s challenges

  • Feeling deeply nourished and able to fully show up in your relationships from a place of abundance

  • Finding pleasure and nourishment in your food

Soul of Hunger is for you if...

  • You’re busy being everything to everyone and your own self-care has been on the back burner

  • You're tired of battling your food, your body, and your inner critic

  • You’re so exhausted at the end of the day you don’t have time or energy to connect with your partner or children

  • You’re a busy, ambitious woman who aims for perfection and has reached or is heading for burnout

  • You’re doing “all of the things” and yet you still hate what you see in the mirror

  • You want to finally be free of that critical voice in your head so you can feel beautiful, sexy, and confident

  • You know slowing down and taking care of yourself is crucial to long-term health, yet you feel overwhelmingly guilty doing it

  • Even if you were to set aside time for yourself, you would have NO IDEA what to do with that time; the thought of being idle launches you into a panic

  • You’ve been feeling alone in your struggles and want to find support within a circle of sacred sisterhood

"Working with Christa has helped me learn to accept who I am, despite what others have made me believe. I see myself differently - in a good way. Also, learning to balance my work life with the rest of my life has been amazing. My level of stress has dramatically decreased, thus causing me to stress eat less, and I'm better equipped to deal with the stress I feel." ~ Dena

"I learned what triggers a craving, how to be present with it and address its needs and then move past it. I also learned that taking care of myself by eating well is easy and delicious." ~ Rebecca H.

What's included...

  • 8 classes via Zoom video conferencing

  • Recorded sessions - yours to keep so you can access the material whenever you'd like

  • Weekly guided meditation to support your process

  • Handouts and worksheets to deepen your learning

  • A private facebook group for support, community and access to me in between classes

  • Reclaim Body Trust affirmation deck

A whole-person approach to nourishment...


Using the chakras as a guiding framework we'll examine food patterns, beliefs, and associations. Then we'll look to see how that's playing out in other areas of your life (after all, how you do one thing is how you do everything). We'll illuminate where you're stuck and why, then practice tools for healing and moving forward so you can live the live you know you're meant to live!

So that you can...

  • Walk away knowing why you sabotage and what to do about it

  • Feel confident in your ability to nourish yourself in body, mind, and spirit

  • Cultivate the ability to listen to your own intuition and your own body instead of conforming to what "they" say

  • Feel deeply nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Release the pattern of using food as reward or comfort

  • Step off of the shame spiral and stop beating yourself up

  • Eat right for your body without feeling like you're "on a diet"

  • Quiet the inner critic and cultivate self-love

  • Unravel the pattern of striving and sabotage

Choose your level of support…

A la carte

You want to join Soul of Hunger and are exclusively seeking a group experience. This option is for you!

This option is $397 paid in full or 4 monthly installments of $108 each (less than getting your hair done!)

Dinner & Drinks

You’d like some customized attention to deepen your experience during Soul of Hunger. This option includes (4) 60-minute private sessions with me, which may include customized body scans, nutrition coaching, life coaching, or strategy sessions. A great way to ensure you customize and apply what you learn in the group.

This option is $957 paid in full (plus a paid-in-full bonus of a Be Nourished affirmation deck) or 4 monthly installments of $263 each.

Prixe Fixe

Maybe you’re at or near burnout, perhaps you’re living with autoimmunity, or maybe you’ve struggled your whole life in battling your body. You’re ready to get a handle on your life and your health once and for all and you know that’s going to take some serious support! In addition to Soul of Hunger, this package includes (1) 90-minute initial session plus (7) 60-minute private sessions which may include customized body scans, nutrition coaching, life coaching, or strategy sessions.

This option is $1723 paid in full (plus a paid-in-full bonus of a Nourish Your Whole Being Tarot Reading and a Be Nourished affirmation deck) or 6 monthly installments of $287 each.

Want in?

Awesome! Click on the pink button below to unleash your fairy godmother and her magic wand!! Just kidding - you'll be taken to an application page where you'll tell me a little about yourself and reserve your seat. Easy, peasy!

"Christa is a very personable and approachable coach and counselor. She employs her knowledge and wisdom to guide, not preach or judge, which makes it easy to open up to her and have her help you find the causes of unhealthy food dependencies and approach the foundation, feelings and motivations. After decades of self judgment for outward appearances, it has been a big breakthrough to find there really were answers that could work for me. That is the magic of Christa!" ~Julie Stauts"What I like best about working with Christa, is that it’s fun talking to her. I can swear like a truck driver and we laugh together. I’ve also cried on her and she holds really sacred space for that too. The consummate professional. I would recommend Christa to everyone. I would say anyone would benefit from her work, but I’ll give her my highest recommendation which is that she is especially skilled in working with women that are either therapists or coaches and already 'know' the work and hence feel like they can outsmart her. Anyone that can bring these women, like myself, to new places is highly gifted, in my humble opinion, and that’s Christa. I wouldn’t change anything about how she works. Whenever I go into a session thinking things need to be done differently, I come out going, “nope, that was exactly right.” The most important thing people should know about working with Christa is that resistance is futile. I love Christa and her powers around food, spirit, and emotional well being. She’s a witch in her own right." ~ Alma McKinley


I'm following a prescribed diet right now. Will this conflict with that?

Not at all! In fact, it will likely enhance it. The issue with prescribed diets is that while they may suggest foods that support your specific condition, they are only addressing one part of the issue. This approach supports you in discovering your unconscious mental and emotional patterns that keep you stuck, so you can have better success with whatever meal plan you choose to follow.

When are the calls?

  • Wednesdays - call time TBD according to the needs of the group and may alternate to accommodate group members (calls will be recorded and emailed to you if you miss them)

  • October 10th - December 12th

  • With an integration week (no call) October 31st and November 21st

What if I can't attend all of the live calls?

You're busy, and life happens. Each call will be recorded and emailed to you, so it's yours to revisit, whether you were able to make it live or not! And, you can send me questions ahead of time so you can make sure they're addressed, even in your absence.

Do I need special software to participate?

Nope! I use a video conferencing software called Zoom, which is available for free online. The first time you use it, it will install an app on your phone or computer, and you'll just use a link to join us for the weekly calls.

I've never done an online program before. How does it work?

Each week, we'll meet via video conferencing software and have "class" just like we would in person. You'll get supportive resources from me (handouts, worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations, and probably a video or two!) to enhance the learnings from that week's class. We'll also have a private facebook group where you can stay connected to the other women and deepen the support you have throughout your journey. I'll be active in the facebook group to answer questions and support your implementation between calls. It's a "wraparound" system designed to set you up for success!



"I've been struggling with this since I was a teenager and I was SO tired of the struggle. Working with Christa has brought FREEDOM... from feeling exhausted at the end of the day but still walking around the condo complex another 10 times to get those extra 1000 steps in... from wondering how many calories are in the beer and shrimp and grits I just ate... from wondering if I can trust the scale, the amount of food on my plate, myself to keep that jar of peanut butter in the house... from feeling bad if I want a snack at 9pm... from thinking about the next diet, the next meal, the next binge... freedom from wondering if I stop the rules and guidelines and counting if I will just become an insatiable beast (I won't)... freedom to be a bit hungry, a bit full, to eat only broccoli or only ice cream if I feel like it... freedom to be full and happy... freedom to know I can relax and just be myself and my body will take care of me, if I will just let it. " ~ Caroline

"While I was working with Christa, after years of relying on the scale, I made the choice to put the scale away! I’m coming to realize that my beauty and self-worth cannot be measured by a scale and I feel empowered in choosing foods that help me feel good!" ~ Diana D.