Nutritional Supplements

Not all supplements are created equal. Basic compliance to good manufacturing practices is enforced by the FDA, but internal quality measures vary by manufacturer, which means that:

  • What it says on the ingredients label may or may not be accurate

  • There may be additional toxins or fillers lurking inside

  • The indicated dosage may be inaccurate

  • They may not be processed in a way that maintains the quality of the ingredients

  • Even if they are "cheap" they are a waste of the money spent if your body can't use the nutrients they provide

  • They could be doing more harm than good

As a nutritionist, I believe in food first. This means that as much as possible, I support you in getting the nutrients you need through food. However, chances are that you're deficient in one more nutrients if you:

  • have low energy despite a healthy lifestyle

  • experience chronic stress or emotional trauma

  • mostly eat the Standard American Diet (SAD)

  • experience digestive symptoms

  • are living with one or more chronic illnesses

  • struggle with a hormonal imbalance

In that case, supplements are a helpful part of a comprehensive protocol. They support by replenishing your stores and easing your symptoms, while we modify your food intake, heal your gut, and manage your stress. Once your levels are restored and you've integrated your emotional and lifestyle tools through our work together, many of the supplements can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

It can be overwhelming to select supplements that are safe, effective, and appropriate for your unique health profile. That's why I've created a carefully curated dispensary, featuring only brands I trust and that I've personally used. And, I offer a customized supplement protocol, so you can rest assured you're getting quality supplements that are right for you.

As an added benefit, the online dispensary enables you to use your FSA or HSA benefits, since you are purchasing through a qualified healthcare provider. (Please contact your health insurance provider to obtain additional information about plan-specific requirements.)



This customized dispensary carries only the brands I trust. They are third-party certified, do not contain harmful ingredients, are processed to maintain integrity and quality of ingredients, and are in a format that is easily absorbed and utilized by your body. In the case of fish oils, this also means sustainable fishing practices.