Love Notes

I've had the pleasure of working with some powerful, courageous, beautiful women and sometimes they write me love notes (aka testimonials). Feel free to peruse for some warm fuzzies and a dose of inspiration; their stories represent what's possible for you, my dear (yes, really)!


Julie Stauts

Many of the problems I had before with sleeping, stress, etc. have been addressed naturally and I wake up more alert and energetic. I used to think if I exercised once a day I had filled a requirement and didn't have to do it again. It was like a chore. Now I listen to what my body wants and I realize that sometimes it wants to stretch twice a day, or maybe wants a smoothie for breakfast AND lunch. I'm loosening up and growing as a result. Not to mention losing 10 lb. (and counting) and my clothing is looser and more comfortable.

Christa is a very personable and approachable coach and counselor. She employs her knowledge and wisdom to guide, not preach or judge, which makes it easy to open up to her and have her help you find the causes of unhealthy food dependencies and approach the foundation, feelings and motivations. After decades of self judgment for outward appearances, it has been a big breakthrough to find there really were answers that could work for me. That is the magic of Christa!

Julie Stauts, business owner

Julie Stauts, business owner


I've been struggling with this since I was a teenager and I was SO tired of the struggle. I just didn't want to live a life where I was constantly thinking about the next meal, the next workout, the next binge. That life was so small and boring and I wanted dreams and aspirations beyond the feeling of the fit of my jeans. What held me back for so long was: I kept thinking that letting go would mean "letting myself go". But, letting go has only meant freedom.

FREEDOM... from feeling exhausted at the end of the day but still walking around the condo complex another 10 times to get those extra 1000 steps in... from wondering how many calories are in the beer and shrimp and grits I just ate... from wondering if I can trust the scale, the amount of food on my plate, myself to keep that jar of peanut butter in the house... from feeling bad if I want a snack at 9pm... from thinking about the next diet, the next meal, the next binge... freedom from wondering if I stop the rules and guidelines and counting if I will just become an insatiable beast (I won't)... freedom to be a bit hungry, a bit full, to eat only broccoli or only ice cream if I feel like it... freedom to be full and happy... freedom to know I can relax and just be myself and my body will take care of me, if I will just let it.

Oh, and the boring part.... My jeans? They fit just fine!

kasey Rose, yoga instructor

kasey Rose, yoga instructor

Kasey Rose

I have learned the value of fulfilling a commitment to myself, and that doing so is a powerful way to nourish my self-esteem! I also noticed that sugar and refined grains always leave me feeling bloated and craving more, whereas the "Lil Bit" plan leaves me satisfied and nourished! Through this work I am more confident in my abilities and less afraid to take on what seems like BIG, SCARY things!

Rebecca H.

In my work with Christa I learned what triggers a craving, how to be present with it, address the underlying needs, and then move past it. I also learned that taking care of myself by eating well is easy and delicious. I'm not missing sugar and I enjoy my meals again! Christa has a very warm but confident presence, which makes the challenging task of looking truthfully at your food relationship a comfortable experience.

diana d., water conservation specialist

diana d., water conservation specialist

Diana D.

While I was working with Christa, after years of relying on the scale, I made the choice to put the scale away! I’m coming to realize that my beauty and self-worth cannot be measured by a scale and I feel empowered in choosing foods that help me feel good!

Jessica Seybold

I've worked with Christa both in individual sessions, and in online groups like Nourishment through the Chakras and the book club for Women, Desire, Food. Working with her one-on-one and in the groups are actually great companion pieces to my overall health. Christa has taught me to restore my mind-body connection, and be able to really listen to what my body is trying to tell me, in a life that often feels busy and overwhelming. I love the combination of nutrition expert, therapist, and spiritual guru - working with her has been a gift and a vital part of my life toolkit!

Carolyn Gaydosh

There is much hope to be acknowledged when one seeks to find ways to heal within oneself & to nourish on many levels the very core of your body. For many years, throughout my marriage, health issues have been a main point, & life's heaviness of tears, constant setbacks, disappointments, & deep set depressions to struggle out of have threatened even more of my health, especially concerning my thyroid. Infertility is a deep, sensitive issue of discussion, profoundly painful as it truly is, it still has a silver lining of hope to grab onto. For me, part of my journey of healing was with Christa's endeavors. Her immense knowledge and kind helpfulness assisted me towards listening to my body, seeing myself for what I am as a human being, capable of stepping over these roadblocks & seeking out the means to recovering my health back. It is a journey, a process of hope, trust, & perseverance ... And with her, a reminder to be patient with myself, for in the end, it's all worth it;)! I wouldn't be holding my sweet, new baby in my arms right now, welcoming her into my life of forty years, & after seven years of many tears, if Christa didn't walk into my life. Thank you, most sincerely, dear Christa! X

Srimati Arya Carpenter

I worked with Christa in her Soul of Hunger program and it was amazing! I am a month or so out from the program and my eating patterns and experience with food and body has made a complete 360 switch. I can't believe it! I used to be so plagued with eating problems and addressing my issues was very overwhelming and emotional. But Christa made me feel so safe and nourished every step of the way. I truly recommend any group program she does, as well as one on one work. If you can get into her Soul of Hunger program, it is worth every single penny. The work is deep and I won't lie, it was hard to go into those spaces with myself, but nothing has ever worked as much in terms of helping me get in touch with my body, beliefs, and food issues. Christa's work needs to be shared with everyone far and wide. Anyone would benefit from even just a 30 minute session with her.