Stop "should-ing" all over yourself!

You're over the love/hate relationship with food, and you've told yourself "I'll start over tomorrow" so many times even YOU don't believe you! You've tried everything... there has to be a better way!


Meet your Nutritionist and Spiritual Life Coach...

With a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, I understand the science of nutrition and I have knowledge of how to help you achieve sustainable changes so you feel free to eat what’s right for your body and feel confident in your decisions. You’ll never have to rely on a prescribed diet again.

Doesn't it suck obsessing about food, regretting that 10th cupcake, and feeling ashamed you can't control it? What if it's not about rules and willpower? What if it's about shifting your mindset?


 With Burnout to Brilliance you will...

  • Ditch the diet rules for good

  • Learn to eat so that your body gets what it truly needs

  • Feel confident in your food choices

  • Feel fabulous in your skin


What clients are saying...

Christa was expert at drawing out what lies at the heart of my relationship with food. The sensitivity and acceptance in her approach to our partnership fills me with confidence that I can make friends with aspects of myself I had alienated and find a place where food becomes a part of a supportive nurturing attitude to myself.
— Shasha Crow
Working with Christa has helped me tune into my personal hunger cues be more mindful about when, how, and what I eat instead of eating out of habit or because it’s in front of me.
— April


What you get...

  • (1) 90 minute initial session

  • (11) 60-minute sessions

  • 15% off any supplements ordered through my online dispensary

  • 4 months to allow us to dig deep into your food relationship and create sustainable change

  • Messenger support between sessions for questions, encouragement, and accountability

  • Access to my entire library of pdf guides, worksheets, meditations, and videos

  • Customized body scans to support you in listening to your intuition

  • Optional recorded sessions so you can refer back to them at your convenience

  • Customized meal and snack planning, based on foods you enjoy!

  • Your unique plan for facing those "eff-it" moments


Your Investment...

$1797 when paid in full. When you choose this option, you'll also receive a BONUS Nourish Your Whole Being Tarot Read!

Wanna break it down? Payment plans available as 4 or 6 month options.



Can you help me set realistic weight loss goals and achieve them?

While weight loss may be a result of the work we do together, my approach is focused on supporting you to find a sustainable plan for eating what your body knows it needs and feeling confident in your choices! Our goals will be focused on learning what triggers your food cravings, tuning in to learn your body's hunger and satiety cues, developing a customized approach that sets you up for success, and tools and resources for sustainable results.

Do you treat eating disorders?

No. While I am trained as both a nutritionist and a mental health counselor, I am not a licensed medical provider, and therefore do not provide diagnosis or treatment for eating disorders. If you, or someone you know, is living with an active eating disorder, please seek help from a licensed medical professional (therapist, nutritionist, or dietician) that specializes in treating eating disorders.

Are you going to tell me what to eat or make me give up my favorite foods?

I believe there's a time and a place for (most) foods so I don't prescribe you a diet or meal plan. If you feel that meal planning and recipe ideas would support you in your journey, we can definitely include that in your customized approach. However, the focus of my work is based on the belief that you have the wisdom to choose the foods that nourish your body. My job is to help you listen closely so that you no longer have to follow someone else's "food rules" but instead, tune in and have the confidence to feed yourself from the wise voice that lives within you!

What do you mean, "it's not about the food"?

While I definitely believe in a whole-foods approach, I care more about how you feel about the food you're eating, than the food itself. Why? Because feelings are like little messengers from your body whose sole purpose is to give you information! 

There's plenty of information out there about what to (and what not to) eat. If it were that simple, you'd be doing it and feel great about it! Unfortunately, prescribed diets often lead to a sense of putting foods in "good" and "bad" categories, which can result in us feeling "good" or "bad" too! 

By cultivating awareness, acceptance, and non-judgement, we create space for an approach to eating that is balanced, nourishing, and sustainable. 

How do I know this will work?

The reason most diets fail is that they are based on unrealistic guidelines designed to meet our society's demand for quick results. Unfortunately, this sets up every cell in our body to fight against us! Why? The basic survival mechanism for cells is to maintain homeostasis (the current state of balance). So, instead of big changes that won't last, we work on small changes for sustainable results. By leveraging the mind-body connection we allow your body to adapt to each small change, bit by bit, we are slowly shifting homeostasis. Before you know it, your brain and your body will feel like, "we've always just lived this way"!

While I was working with Christa, after years of relying on the scale, I made the choice to put the scale away! I’m coming to realize that my beauty and self-worth cannot be measured by a scale and I feel empowered in choosing foods that help me feel good!
— Diana D.